Ziljian FXS14 14″ FX Stack Pair w/ Mount
Price RM790.00
Product SKU ZILFXS14
Brand Zildjian
Size (L x W x H) 35.6 cm x 35.6 cm x 5.1 cm
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Ziljian FXS14 14″ FX Stack Pair w/ Mount

The trashy and raw sounds of Zildjian’s FX Stacks are made possible thanks to a unique combination of materials and finishing processes. The dry blasted alloy top cymbal and cold-rolled steel bottom cymbal look as raw as they sound, and are meant to age and develop patina over time.

Both the dry blasted top cymbal and the steel bottom cymbal will show fingerprints after handling. If fingerprints are left in place, a natural oxidation will develop. If desired, these cymbals can be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. Do not clean your FX Stacks using cymbal cleaner or any other type of cleaning product as this may alter the finish in unintended ways.



  • Offers variety of pitches and quick, brilliant staccato sounds in one versatile cymbal pair
  • Stack or use as traditional Hi Hat setup
  • Transition from bright and cutting sounds to trashy and raw by adjusting the wingnut
  • Features the exclusive Zildjian Cymbolt mount
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Ziljian FXS14 14″ FX Stack Pair w/ Mount