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Korg LP380U Digital Piano


Korg PA600MY Professional Arranger Keyboard


KORG PA700 Professional Arranger


A digital piano with automatic accompaniment; a full concert performance experience at home.


The XE20 is a new digital piano that features an 88-note natural-touch keyboard and contains two full concert grand pianos. It also includes automatic accompaniment so users can go from practicing their favorite songs to truly performing them at the touch of a button.

A complete array of auto accompaniment Styles can be accessed with your left hand, giving you the backing of a full band that you control completely. Play chords, and XE20 will follow your changes in any Style you select. Change variations with a single touch. Add fills wherever you want. Add a melody with your right hand.
It’s a completely live and in-the-moment way of performing!


Kurzweil M110-SR M Digital Piano

  • Metronome, Coach, Reverb, REC, Songs, Bluetooth
  • MIDI Data through USB Port
  • Headphone, DC-9V, L/MONO R Output , Aux In, USB, Cymbal Trigger In
  • All Mesh Drum Heads

Pearl DMP925SPC Decade Maple 5pc Drumset, Gloss Kobalt Fade Lacquer


Pearl Midtown Series MDT764P/C 4-piece Shell Pack with HWP830 Hardware pack Cymbals NOT included, Black Cherry Glitter


Pearl PF505EUS Quantz Jr. Series Student Flute


Pearl PF525RBE-1RB Quantz Series Flute


Pearl PF665RE-1R Quantz Series Flute








PreSonus NSB16.8 AVB Networked Stage Box


PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB 16-channel Digital Mixer


PreSonus StudioLive 16R 16-channel Rackmount Digital Mixer


PRS SE Paul’s Guitar, Fire red


PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem Electric Guitar

  • Sounds, pads, and features inspired by Roland's top-level V-Drums
  • 25 preset kits, 25 user kits, and 143 drum/percussion sounds inspired by the flagship TD-50
  • Tunable mesh pads deliver a custom playing response
  • Weight-optimized cymbals swing and sway like the real thing
  • KD-10 kick pad is stable and dynamic
  • Onboard Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver — streams music from your phone or sends MIDI data out
  • MIDI over USB — trigger virtual instruments within your DAW
  • Includes compact drum stand

A classic compact recording/live Lexicon® effects mixer


22-ch Mixer with 16 x Ghost Mic Preamps, 3 x Aux Busses, 4-band British EQs, Dual Lexicon Effects Engines, dbx Limiters, Switchable hi-Z Inputs, and USB Playback and Recording


Sterling by Music Man RAY35 5 String Bass in Ashwood Natural


Taylor 214ce Rosewood Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar


6-string Acoustic-electric Travel Guitar with Solid Koa Top, Koa Back and Sides, Sapele Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, and ES-B Electronics - Natural



The VOX AC15 is the amp that started it all. Boasting both a Normal and Top Boost channel, the AC15 Custom is an all-tube, EL84 driven workhorse that delivers 15 watts of authentic British tone into your choice of a genuine Celestion Greenback or Alnico Blue speaker. The AC15 Custom also offers footswitchable spring reverb and classic VOX tremolo to enhance the already impressive sound. Adored by the biggest names in music for nearly 60 years, the VOX AC15 Custom carries on the tradition that began in 1958 and offers guitarists the unmistakable sound of VOX, with all the refinements of a modern amplifier.



The Isoline-410 is your fastest route to a professional, compact PA system. Comprising of a column formation loudspeaker interconnected with a high powered subwoofer with its own built-in amplifier and DSP, users can expect a full-range sound from a system that is easily packed down into your car boot with ease. For ultimate convenience Isoline comes complete with a built-in mixer and wireless bluetooth input. The 410 model features 4 x 3" High / Mid drivers combined with a 10" long throw subwoofer.


Matched and Rigged For Your Surroundings

The 90 Series Commercial Loudspeaker’s cabinet exterior can be re-painted to match your venue interior and blend in with the environment. Whilst the units are of a strong and rugged nature, the weight is not unmanageable with the top, bottom and rear areas on all models clear for bracket mounting. Apart from the 4190, all models come with U shaped mounting brackets.


CPD 4800

The CPD series of power amplifiers has become a trusted tool for many gigging musicians, tours and installations since its introduction in 2014.

The top-of-the-range CPD4800 delivers breathtaking power. This 2U Class H amp delivers a competitor busting and earth shattering 4800watts when bridged into 4Ω. Weighing in at only 23.5kg the CPD4800 also has the best weight:power ratio in the CPD series.


The updated DELTA-AX series features improved internal electronics. The newly designed power components ensure high performance and extreme reliability.

DELTA-AX can easily be recognised with the iconic Wharfedale Pro boomerang logo routed into the top surface.
Capable of producing extraordinary levels of SPL and output, inside every DELTA-AX speaker are high headroom amplifiers exclusively engineered by Wharfedale Pro. The 2 way 12” and 15” models also feature an integrated 2 channel mixer with onboard Qubit DSP insuring smoother and more controlled sonic performance.
DELTA-AX is constructed from birch plywood and features dual angle pole mounts to ensure that your sound is aimed directly at the audience, not at the ceiling.
....and it is ready for installation
Multiple rigging points and durable construction also make DELTA-AX a great installation solution. Clubs, restaurants and houses of worship around the world already rely on DELTA systems day in, day out.


Suitable for professional live sound reinforcement or fixed installations, the 4-channel DP-4035 delivers extreme power from a light weight box.

Its advanced switch mode power supply and super-efficient Class D topology delivers high power with low distortion.
With 4 discrete channels and multiple operating modes its simple to configure into the most complex of installations or touring rigs.
DP series are also stable all the way down to 2Ω.  This means they will drive multiple 8Ω or 16Ω loudspeakers.

Music to the masses!

With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 12 point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. Focus’s easy adaptability make it perfect for portable rentals, touring and fixed stage.


Music to the masses!

With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 218S point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. Focus’s easy adaptability make it perfect for portable rentals, touring and fixed stage.



For over 13 years the Wharfedale Pro MP2800 has been used by customers around the world who stretch it to its limits.

Pushed to the limits of extreme heat, poor ventilation, shocking vibration and surviving in incredible levels of dust, and irregular AC conditions, MP2800 has proved itself as truly reliable.

Its massive toroidal transformer fills over a third of the internal casing and ensures smooth power stability in almost any AC situation.
It may not be the prettiest, it may not be the lightest, it may not be the most technologically advanced but, like a favourite hammer, its a tool to rely on

Extend Your Bass

The WLA-15B is the dedicated subwoofer engineered for the WLA-28 line array speaker. Reaching depths of 35Hz and with an output potential of 2800 Watts peak it’s a perfect match for the WLA-28. The low end response applies itself to the most demanding music genres with the same long- throw capabilities of it’s smaller counterpart.

The WLA-210X line array system keeps the same design philosophies as the acclaimed WLA-25 and WLA-28 systems from Wharfedale Pro. Portable, powerful and versatile line array solutions which are ideal for both touring and fixed installation applications.
Each WLA-210X element uses a pair of custom 10” Wharfedale Pro high- power low-frequency drivers, while the high frequencies are handled by a premium 3.0” titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet compression driver coupled to a 100° x 10° waveguide.
The waveguide exit extends nearly to the top and bottom of the enclosure to create a continuous acoustical source - resulting in greatly reduced destructive interaction within the array.
The WLA-210X element also features Passive and Bi-amp modes which allows for complete system control. The bi-amp feature enables the system designer to select the best amplification for each driver component within the array. Such control, when used with external signal processing such as the Wharfedale Pro Versadrive series, gives the engineer the ultimate in system fine tuning. This, in turn, leads to the best audio output.
Premium materials are used throughout the system. The enclosure is constructed of Baltic birch plywood and is coated in a premium and durable Rhino Rock paint. To keep the weight to a minimum and prevent rust, suspension fittings are made of aluminium.
An elegantly simple 3-point suspension system combined with light weight, compact size and excellent handling ergonomics mean that an array can easily be deployed. With the WLA-210X Common Fly frame, systems can be configured as flying or ground stacked in multiple combinations.

The WLA-210XSUB features dual 15” LF drivers with massive 4.0” voice coils and delivers up to 145dB Max SPL @1m.

Specifically created for use with WLA-210X, this dual 15" subwoofer can be flown or ground stacked easily as a result of its comprehensive rigging hardware.

Premium materials are used in its construction. The enclosure is made with 18mm Baltic birch plywood and is coated in a premium and durable Rhino Rock paint. To keep the weight to a minimum and prevent rust, suspension fittings are made of aluminium.
With the WLA-210X Common Fly frame, systems can be configured as flying or ground stacked in multiple combinations.

Sub-bass you will remember.

Using a dual chamber cabinet, the WLA-218SUB delivers huge bass in a versatile configuration.


2 x 18” Wharfedale Pro LF transducers with massive 4” voice coils produce up to 138dB SPL - while their cast frame aluminium baskets reduce any risk of mechanical distortion.


The WLA-218SUB cabinet is constructed of 18mm birch plywood and all internal bracing is designed to avoid vibration or physical shape distortion during prolonged high volume use.

This massive subwoofer is designed for ground placement.


Compact power with sonic detail.  

WLA-25SUB MKII includes the M20 threaded insert to be used with a pole and the WLA-25 Stand Frame system.

This subwoofer physically and acoustically matches the WLA-25 system and delivers up to 141dB Max SPL @1 meter.

Using a reversed-phase horn loaded design, the 2 * 10” LF drivers with massive 2.5” coils deliver the consistent low end punch to complete this versatile and portable array.

(Pictures show the WLA-25SUB MKII with optional accessories of SP-4 speaker pole, and the WLA-25 Stand Frame)