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BOSS VE1 Vocal Echo FX Pedal
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Brand Boss
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Every vocalist can benefit from having professional-grade reverb and studio effects to sound their best on stage. This is what the BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo is designed for-to make your voice sound even more incredible when you sing. It provides lush reverb and other essential vocal tools magically packaged in a compact and user-friendly unit, allowing you to easily create a great ambient vocal sound every time you perform.
The built-in USB audio port enables you to record your polished vocal sound directly to a DAW. The VE-1 runs on batteries or AC power, and works great in any situation. The VE-1 is designed for anyone who wants to sweeten their singing with beautiful ambiance and sound like a pro.

Control Your Vocal Sound

Most of us don't have the luxury of a pro sound engineer on call to help us get the perfect ambient vocal sound. The VE-1 is a great all-in-one solution to simply and easily get great sound without any outside help. Whether you're a street performer or playing at a local café or club, the VE-1 will help you sound amazing.

Seven Echos

The seven built-in presets each contain multiple reverbs that are intricately adjusted for every setting. These variations provide the most suitable settings for each depth level, blending in beautifully while never overwhelming your direct vocal sound. BOSS engineers have used their decades of accumulated expertise in vocal reverb to design and meticulously craftDAW or create a studio-quality sound for a YouTube performance.

Built-in Memory

As a vocalist, you're always the center of attention-you not only sing, but you speak to the audience as well. Sometimes you need to design a different vocal ambiance from one song to another. With the VE-1's built-in memory, you're able to simply switch between the ambient vocal sounds you need for different song styles. Between songs, you can easily bypass the ambient sound while the Enhancer remains active, which is perfect for speaking to the audience. You can choose from four different settings, including your current live setup with the VE-1.

USB Audio Capability

Aside from the sweet ambient vocal sounds you can easily obtain with the VE-1, there's also a built-in USB audio port to record to your computer. This is a particularly great feature for making professional-sounding YouTube videos that show off your incredible vocal ability.