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Boss Tube Amp Expander Variable Active Load Box
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Brand Boss
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The Waza Tube Amp Expander is BOSS' answer to the demands of many modern players; those looking to add more flexibility to their traditional valve amp sound for both performing and recording applications. 

If you're someone that adores the genuine, analogue tones offered by real valve amps, the BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander can take your amplifier to a new realm of tonal possibilities and versatility.


Waza Tube Amp Expander - Boss' New Secret Weapon For Guitarists!


Get the best tones from your amp at safe levels

In essence, this unit does it all. First and foremost, the Tube Amp Expander is a variable active load box. This lets you connect your valve amp combo or head to the Waza Tube Expander, with the unit able to attenuate its volume. With adjustable impedance tuning, you can match your amp with the unit for reliable and safe use, accomodating for amps with up to even 150W of headroom. 

With the reactive load circuit, you can crank your tube amp up to its tonal sweet spot, with the unit able to reduce the overall level to a low and user-friendly volume, thanks to BOSS' Tube Logic technology. With Resonance-Z and Presence-Z controls on the front panel too, you can also further EQ the sound of your amp to suit any venue or space.

Setup your amp perfectly for recording or live applications

That's not all though, as this device is an active analogue power stage, a mic'd cab simulator, impulse response loader and recording interface. For tracking guitars at home or in a studio, these features allow you to experiment with and refine your tones to the finest of detail.

Featuring 7 mic'd cab emulations with 5 selectable microphone types, you can also load in 4 of your own favourite cabinet impulse responses. So if you'd rather leave your cab at home when playing live, you can just rely on the IRs and send a line-out directly to a PA system. And for recording, simply match your amp up to the best-sounding virtual cab and mic, and even use the USB output for direct audio recording to your computer!

With 10 recallable rig settings, you can store your favourite setups and switch between them with a dedicated control, or even via an external footswitch! This lets you easily flick between your patches on-the-fly.

Unparalleled connectivity & Built-in Effects

The connectivity options available with the BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander are also astounding. With parallel outputs that can be connected to two cabs, the Waza Tube Amp Expander's 100W Class AB analogue power stage takes even a low-wattage amp to stage-standard volumes! 

The device features balanced XLR outputs that can be connected to an audio interface for direct recording or to a PA system for live use. With a mono output, there are also stereo XLR outputs that let you take full advantage of the Tube Expander's built-in reverb and delay effects. Also boasting a compressor and 4 EQs, you can really tweak your tones to perfection.

An FX loop section gives you the opportunity to also add your own external effects, such as moduation and time-based pedals. This is great if you own a vintage or boutique-style tube amp without an effects loop. Switchable for series or parallel operation, you can really enhance your sonics.

Like we mentioned, the USB output lets you use the BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander as an audio interface, enabling you to record directly to your DAW/computer. This port also lets you connect to BOSS' editor software, allowing you to edit effect settings and more in superb detail.

There's also a headphone output, so you can practice silently if you have particularly attentive neighbours, while enjoying the sweetest tones offered by your valve amp!


  • First-of-its-kind tube amp command center, built with Waza expertise and the Tube Logic design approach
  • Advanced variable reactive load circuit with discrete analog components supports tube amps up to 150 watts
  • User-adjustable impedance tuning correctly matches the reactive load to your amp, retaining its natural tone, dynamic feel, and distortion characteristics
  • 10 recallable rig settings for storing favorite setups
  • Deep real-time performance control via GA-FC/FS-series footswitches and MIDI I/O
  • Built-in 100-watt Class AB power amplifier with discrete analog design and seamless volume control
  • Powerful DSP section with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Customizable stereo effects with premium tone quality: compressor, delay, reverb, and four EQs
  • Seven mic’d cabinet emulations with five selectable mic types, plus four slots for loading user speaker IRs
  • External effects loop with selectable series/parallel operation and control jack for switching amp channels
  • Parallel speaker outputs for connecting up to two cabs for gigging
  • Balanced XLR line outputs (mono and L/R stereo) for connecting to FOH console, stage monitors, and recording devices
  • Headphones output for quiet practice with cranked-up amp tones
  • Dedicated editor software (Mac/Windows)
  • USB for direct audio recording and editor communication