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Boss MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft Distortion Pedal
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Brand Boss
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The Boss MT-2W Waza Craft distortion pedal is a re-imagining of the famous Metal Zone stompbox first released in 1991. Featuring an all-new voicing, superior circuitry and Boss' renowned build quality, the MT-2W returns in dramatic fashion under the new Waza Craft name.

Most of you would have owned a Metal Zone at some point over the last two decades. Love it or hate it, the MT-2 defined the scooped mids and processed high-gain tones cut from the cloth of metal records produced throughout the '90s.


The MT-2W reflects the progressive changes to the 21st century metal scene. Guitarists are now after tighter lows, punchier mids, dynamic gain and articulate highs, which is exactly what the MT-2W provides.

Choose between the original gain circuit and a brand new modern setting in the MT-2W. The first has been overhauled to widen its range. By updating the first circuit with discrete components, Waza Craft have increased the expression and tone density.

Flick the switch to Custom mode and it cuts low-end and boosts the gain’s vibrancy. Turn down the volume on the guitar to hear a clearer crunch sound; this is the real party trick of the MT-2W.

Unique Tone Shaping

The Metal Zone has an extremely flexible EQ. Its Waza counterpart carries over the same controls, but thanks to the redesign, is even more sensitive than before.

Down-tuned guitars will benefit from a faster attack and cut. Boss recommend you dial in the mids knob from 12 o’clock and decide whether you want to boost or cut the mid frequencies.

Waza Craft

In Japanese, ‘Waza’ means art or technique. That’s exactly why Boss assigned their best designers and engineers to the Waza Craft project. Their goal is to reach the pinnacle of guitar amp and effect design.

Premium Waza Craft pedals contain carefully picked transistor and capacitor components. These circuits produce exceptional analogue, transparent effects.

Key Features

  • Premium Waza Craft pedal with all-analog audio circuitry
  • Innovative dual-stage gain circuit built with discrete analog components
  • Standard mode updates the famous MT-2 Metal Zone sound with improved clarity and lower noise
  • Custom mode delivers full-throttle gain tones with wider range, increased dynamics, and tighter low end
  • Powerful three-band EQ provides intense sound customization with High, Low, and sweepable Midrange and up to 15 dB boost/cut on each band 
  • Premium buffer for clean and clear tone when bypassed
  • Made in Japan

Boss MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft Distortion Pedal Specifications