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Boss CP-1X Compressor Pedal
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Brand Boss
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The CP-1X is a multiband studio-grade compressor specifically made to retain the character of your guitar. Often compressors can heavily colour the sound and remove the dynamic of your playing but the CP-1X has intelligent processing that allows you to still be expressive, whilst controlling and tempering your guitar signal.


The CP-1X is an 18v pedal which means you have lots of headroom to play with whether you're using a 7 or 8-string guitar, or even if you have high-output pickups that would push a 9v into a fuzzy mess. Having such a high headroom also means it will work exceptionally well with acoustic guitars too, to control your strumming.

Retain Dynamics

This compressor can be used for a few different things. If you want the squashed country, chicken-pickin' sound or a bit more control of your rhythm sound bringing up softly picked notes and bringing down heavy notes you can do so. The level control will affect the overall volume of the pedal and the Comp knob will dial in however much compression you want. Making it very easy to retain the dynamics of your playing.

Key Features

  • Next-generation guitar compressor that uses BOSS’s advanced MDP tech to preserve musical expression
  • Intelligent circuitry adapts to every register and playing nuance, providing natural compression with exceptional clarity
  • Sophisticated under-the-hood processing with multiple interlocking parameters, accessible with simple stompbox controls
  • Gain reduction indicator shows the current compression amount at a glance
  • Digital circuitry greatly reduces noise, a common problem with standard compressors
  • Professional 18-volt input electronics provide ample headroom for clean, punchy sound
  • Works with all types of guitars, including seven- and eight-string instruments and acoustic-electrics

Boss CP-1X Compressor Pedal Specifications

Digital/Analogue: Digital
Voltage: 18V
Brand: Boss
Power Source: PSU & Battery