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Bass Guitar Amp
Bass Guitar Amp
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Laney RB2 30-watt Bass Combo Amplifier


Laney RB3 65-watt RMS 1 x 12'' Custom Driver Combo Amplifier


Laney RB4 Richter Bass Combo 160W


Vox amPhones Series. Plug in your guitar/bass into the amPhones and start playing!



• New concept - headphones with built-in amPlug technology that allows you to obtain full-fledged guitar/bass sounds immediately.

• Headphones made by Audio-Technica, the trusted name in headphones.

• The headphone amp uses a new reactor circuit that’s based on the Valve Reactor technology featured in VOX amps, delivering incredibly dynamic amp sounds.

• Totally analog design that faithfully simulates the circuit response of the original amp.

• Choose from a total of four different types of classic amp sounds, including:
*The "AC30" version which faithfully reproduces the classic VOX AC30.
*The "Lead" version which delivers a heavy British crunch lead sound.
*The "Twin" version which gives you the clean sound of a classic US-made amp.
*The "Bass" version which provides a wide-range sound, including a new Bassilator circuit that realistically simulates the resonance of the speaker cabinet and floor.

• A full complement of effects are is provided: chorus/delay/reverb for the guitar versions, and a compressor for the bass version.

• 1/4" connector allows easy connection to any guitar or bass.

• When the power is off, the amPhones can be used as conventional headphones that offering the superb sound quality that you would expect from VOX.

• AUX input jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player.


• No need for a guitar cable! Plug it directly into your guitar; the latest version of this headphone guitar amp is the fastest way to get authentic amplifier sound.
• The fully-analog circuit has been totally reworked for an even clearer and more present sound!
• "AC30" provides the AC30 top boost sound.
• "Classic Rock" delivers the classic crunch of a UK-made 100W amp.
• "Metal" gives you the extreme high-gain sound of a US-made amp.
• "Bass" is designed specifically for low frequencies, offering a wide-range response.
• Each model provides three amp modes, giving you even more variety.
• Nine selectable effects (Chorus x 3, Delay x 3, Reverb x 3) are built into the guitar-type models.


The VGH Bass is a headphone bass amp that brings you the enjoyment of playing at home, in the rehearsal studio or outdoors just by plugging in to your bass guitar. When the headphone power is turned off, the product works like a pair of standard headphones, so it’s useful for a variety of situations.

  • A bass headphone amplifier with wide dynamic range
  • Built-in compressor adds color to the sound.
  • Features highly reliable closed-air dynamic headphone units made by Audio-Technica. Can be worn comfortably for long periods of time; ear pads can be rotated for easy storage.
  • Uses valve reactor technology in the headphone amp circuitry.
  • Includes a thick cable with plenty of length to play even while standing up. The cable can also be pulled out from the right ear pad, making it easy to play your guitar or bass guitar.
  • Easy to operate, with the controls located on the right ear pad.
  • Plug in to the AUX IN jack to jam along with your music player.
  • Predominantly black colors to blend in with your look and match basses of any color.

Vox VX50 BA

Bass Amplifier
A Nutube-equipped compact vacuum tube bass amp with 50W of high output power.

• High 50W output power from a revolutionarily lightweight and compact unit.
• The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube.
• VOX original eight-inch speaker delivers rich low-frequency sound.
• Bass reflex structure provides rich low-frequency reproduction with ample output.
• Four-band EQ allows detailed sound shaping for the bassist.
• Compressor lets you enjoy tight-sounding performance.
• Punchy overdrive.
• A rich selection of input/output jacks such as AUX IN, PHONES out, and DIRECT out.